Handmade Gifts

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas 🙂

My family is pretty creative, so there’s no surprise that there were quite a few handmade gifts found under the Christmas tree this year!

This year I made these gifts:

Shopping bag sets

This lovely tropical set is for MIL. I made three shopping bag sets. Each had three bags, two produce bags and a little pouch to keep them all in. I added a loop with a key ring to the pouches that has a trolley tag on it so you don’t have to worry about having a coin!
Some character bags for one of my SILs
Pokemon bags for one of the BILs

Hand dyed/hand spun yarn sets

Orange/red set of hand dyed and hand spun yarns made for my sister. Complete with gold knitting needles!
A blue set of hand dyed/ hand spun yarns for my Mum. One is superfine merino which I dyed, the other is silk which I got from a store on the way to the coast.
a purple/pink set for my other sister. Both superfine merino, dyed by me.

Optimus prime (which turned out OK, but was a complete fail to what I was trying to achieve)

In this photo, optimus prime is not finished, I failed to get a photo before I gifted him. He looks good, great infact, but I am really disappointed I didn’t achieve what I set out to achieve with him. I know my brother will like him anyways

And received these hand made gifts:

Hand knitted beanies for me and Guy! Thanks to my lovely sister Jodie!

a purple beanie for me, and a grey beanie for Guy!
Now Guy looks like a hipster hehe. And he’s wearing the t shirt I gave him for Christmas 🙂

Hand made KNIFE!! One for me, one for Guy! From my super duper talented brother Matthew!

My brother made me and Guy, and everyone in my family, a knife for Christmas! I am completely awestruck by his skills!
Mine is a little utility knife that I will use for crafting! The wood is something my Dad found.
Guy will use his in the kitchen!

And a little bit of crochet from my Nanna 🙂 We recently celebrated her 95th birthday! She loves to keep her hands busy!

My Nanna crocheted along the edge of a tea towel for me 🙂 I love the tea towel she chose as well, it has lots of little stitches all over it.

And if the amazing knives from my brother weren’t enough, him and my beautiful SIL made me a bag too 😀

a lovely bag made by my brother and SIL 😀

I wanted to play around with a little bit of animation for some of the things I make, so I put together this gif 🙂

And after everyone left in the afternoon, I hung out on the studio deck, blending some wool. I have something super special and sparkly in store for these!

A little bit of Christmas blending!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

<3 Cate

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

I spent some time over the weekend setting up and doing a small photo shoot with the guinea pigs.

I found the red sleigh at Kmart, the Santa hat is one of a set of three I crochet for last Christmas, and the reindeer antlers were stitched from felt and pipe cleaners. I added some strings halfway through as reins.

There was a lot of bribing with carrot!

Lindor and Iba enjoy some carrot

And lots of NOPE moments from the girls.

The girls are up to mischief, Ebony shook her hat off, whilst, typical Iba tries to hide
Ebony being curious

But I think we got a couple of good shots 🙂

I made their Christmas photo from last year into a t shirt. I love how you can customize pretty much anything these days. I had it printed through The Print Bar.

The Guinea Pig 2017 Christmas photo

Have a very Merry Christmas!

<3 Ebony, Iba, Lindor, Guy and Cate


Secret Santas

Secret Santa’s revealed!

This year both Guy and myself were invited to join in a “Secret Santa” in our respective workplaces. I can not remember the last time I participated in one, so I had a little fun with it!

The rules were pretty much the same for both of us, except mine had an additional rule. We were both given a name. We both had a $20 limit. And they both were to be gifted this week. The additional rule for mine was that whatever we bought had to start with the recipients initial – either first or last name initials.

So Guys was easy, and he had an idea straight away. His recipient was obsessed with sausage dogs! And so he requested I make him a sausage dog.

For mine, I had to find something that started with “C”. Easy. Tooooooooooooo easy! Sooooo many ideas! I could have gone with something cute like a cat, or clever like a cactus, instead I went for something a little crazy – A Crochet Christmas Camel! It is a secret Santa after all! They are meant to be a little out of the ordinary! (I may have taken the “has to start with their intial” thing a little too far hahaha)

As for the $20 limit? The materials were way under that, and I’m not adding up the time it took me to make them :). That’s just one of the joys of being able to create stuff. Your time is the real gift! And I think that is one of the most precious gifts you can give!

Have a creative week

<3 Cate

Happy December!!!

Tis the season to be jolly, and creative!

You can find me by following the gently hum of the spinning wheel, purr of the sewing machine or the click of my mouse as I design and create all the Christmas presents for my friends and family. Unfortunately that means there is a few things I can’t share with you just yet!

The house has been (somewhat) decorated, The tree is up at least! My tradition is to get it out on the first of December.

My lovely Christmas tree in all its glory. I’m so happy, it’s so colourful and covered in memories

A beautiful glass rainbow represents mine and Guys first Christmas as a married couple. I found it rather fitting after our colourful wedding 🙂

A glass rainbow to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple. On the bottom it reads “2018, Cate <3 Guy, Our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs”

Some new watermelon lights add a little bit more charm 🙂 I have some sparkly ribbon I keep meaning to wrap around them.

New watermelon lights! Look great with the flamingo lights! But they do need the sparkly ribbon treatment!

I was excited when I found some little ornaments I got in South America last year. I had totally forgotten about them!

A little embroidered bauble that I found in Peru
A llama! I think this guy started life as a key ring. But that fell off and he became the perfect Christmas decoration!

And of course I have a Christmas pink flamingo chillin’ out!

My Christmas flamingo chillin’ in the tree!
As children, me and my siblings would visit my Grandma and Granddads after church on a Sunday sometime in December to decorate their tree. My Grandma always had these little bird ornaments that I absolutely adored. I have no idea where they went but I have some bird ornaments of my own that always remind me of decorating their tree <3

Ahhhh! I love Christmas time. It’s the end of the year, the weather is warm, and work shuts down for two weeks. There is amazing food to be shared with friends and family. The best bit though? Colourful decorations and bright lights!

Enjoy this time, and feel free to share with me your traditions and decorations 🙂

Have a creative week

<3 Cate