Ooops! I’ve managed to lose all sense of day and time, even though I went back to work this week! The chaos that is school holidays has completely exhausted me (Can’t imagine what it will be like once bub is here and school aged!). Apologies for this coming to you on a Thursday instead of Wednesday!

We have been spending a lot of time sorting, cleaning and clearing the entire house!

Before Christmas, we cleaned and rearranged the pantry. After Christmas we attacked the laundry. Two pretty simple tasks.

This week, it’s all about the studio… which turns out to be a pretty mammoth task…

the studio needs a tidy
it’s actually pretty good in this pic because most of the clutter is in the living room!

Our house looks like a disaster zone. We have pulled a lot of things out into the living area to be sorted and made sense of before it comes back into the studio…

the mess before the organization

We also pulled all the boxes of fabric out of the garage and organized it too. A lot of it is stuff I’ve held onto to up-cycle… There is at least 4 boxes of denim!

boxes of fabric

If anyone is “nesting” it is defiantly Guy! He is totally to blame for our current cleaning and de-cluttering! (Love you!)

Once we have finished tidying the studio, I will do a bit more of a detailed post on how I organise and make sense of all my random bits and pieces.

Until then, what are your favorite storage solutions and tips?

Have a great week!
<3 Cate

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