A Christmas Star

Howdy! Yes, yes, I know, it’s been a while! I’ve been busy with my little family and relearning the world as a mum!

With my sparse free time, I’ve decided to spend it getting ready for Christmas. Yep, Christmas is less than 4 months away!!

The first project I decided to tackle was making a new star for my Christmas tree. This was a project I’ve been thinking about for a while now.

I picked up the wire star a few years ago in the post Christmas sales. I had full intentions of wrapping it in beads, it just never happened right away! So of course, when I finally got around to doing it, the plan changed!

I remembered some yarn I had made many moons ago. A lovely alpaca I had dyed and spun, incorporating sequins into it. I had to convince myself to use it, it was just too pretty!

The basics. A wire star, a skein of hand spun alpaca yarn and a set of battery operated Christmas lights!
Baby optional!
wire star with lights
First step – wire the lights to the wire frame
star with yarn outlining
So, I crochet around the wire before I did anything else. This step probably isn’t necessary, I didn’t end up using it how I imagined and mostly ended up crocheting directly to the frame in most places anyways.
wire star with crochet middle
I crochet the centre of the star first, on both sides, starting from the wire and working into the middle.
crocheting the stars points
Then it was onto the points! I went round and round the points, starting from the centre and working to the tips.
star near completion
Then! This happened! I ran out of wool on the very last point, only a few cm from the end!
alpaca fibre yellow gold colour
Luckily the colour is my standard yellow dye, and I had already dyed some alpaca fibre.
hand carding alpaca
So I went through the rest of the steps of processing … first carding …
spinning on a drop spindle
Then spinning (in the garage after BB had gone to bed, whilst watching Guy swear at his draws!) On a drop spindle non the less, because the original yarn was created in a time before I owned a spinning wheel!
sequin yarn
Tada! enough yarn to finish! Phew what a mission to get just a teensy bit more yarn to finish!
finished star
My beautiful finished star!
star with lights
Shining in all its glory!

Don’t be afraid to use that special yarn! There is a project suited for it I’m sure! And, apparently, you can always just make more!

I’ll be sure to share photos in December when its all set up!

I hope your doing well in these interesting times we are living in. Please drop me a comment here or on Facebook and let me know your creative covid adventures! And if your planning any Christmas makings!

Love Cate

One thought on “A Christmas Star

  1. Love it!

    Working on Christmas stitcheries, knitting endless shawls, obsessing about this year’s advent calendars already…

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