Bar Sign

First up – I have to admit this wasn’t really my project. It was totally Guy’s project. I just helped him realise his dream! But it is way too awesome not to share!

Guy got the idea that he wanted to make a statement “BAR” sign for our wedding. He took his time researching and pinning ideas on pinterest.

He settled on the idea of using rough fence pailings, then painting these in a rustic way, in a rainbow of colours, before painting “BAR” over the top.

We managed to pick up the palings for free (well, I did spend $300 on a Happy Jack Quilting Frame, which I am still yet to find out if it was worth it or not, and the wood was thrown in for free, but that’s another post) from our wonderful “The Green Shed“. Seriously, if you ever find yourself in Canberra, check them out!

Guy wanted the wood a little darker, so we spent an evening staining them. Then a week airing out the garage because the smell of the stain was so strong!

Next up, we dug through the garage and found some leftover paint. Some time last year, we painted a set of chairs in bright colours for our alfresco area. These were the perfect colours for this project! (Yes, we love our colour in this house!) We dry brushed each plank of wood a different colour.

Once we had arranged the planks in a colour order that we were happy with, we flipped them over and screwed supports onto the back to hold everything together.

Now for the text. This is where my amazing graphic design skills came in. I jumped into illustrator and we played around with different fonts. We settled on a pretty basic font. I then copied and pasted the text behind the word, and made it grey. This became a shadow. I saved this in tiles, then sent Guy off to Office Works to print it out (because, as most things we have been doing for the wedding, it ended up being massive!). We then had to sticky tape all the bits together.

We placed this on top of the wood and used ball point pens to trace over all the outlines. This left an indentation in the wood, which we then traced over with chalk so we could see it a bit better.

We painted the letters out in white paint, (leftovers from the house). For the shadow, we added a small amount of charcoal to each of the colours of the planks.

It turned out amazingly! I can’t wait to see it hanging above the bar area at our wedding!

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