Just Another Wednesday…

I’m still sewing beads all over lace…

Madly stitching beads all over the lace, in hopes that I will be able to get the dress sewn together BEFORE the wedding lol

And my front yard isn’t looking as sparse as it was when I showed you all the copper trellis I made for it. We have since put in grass, an apricot tree, two passion fruits, a corn field and a gravel path. The “corn field” was/is meant to be a temporary garden. We had a lot of dirt left over from laying the grass, and have always wanted to grow corn in my front yard, and I somehow convinced Guy it would be a great idea. So I planted approx 90 corn seeds, and I’m hoping they all grow. I believe the deal I made was “as long as we can build a scarecrow for it”. So I’ve added a scarecrow to my to-do list.

The front yard is looking amazing now!

The back yard is all planted up now too. We are keeping the tomatoes covered for the next couple of weeks to try and avoid any late frosts. We’ve planted so many different things, I couldn’t tell you right now what I’m expecting to pop up in the coming weeks! It will be full of surprises!

Right along the back of the house we have our raised vege gardens. We planted so many seeds that I can’t remember what we planted any more. It’s sure to be a surprise 🙂
A very happy potato plant which self seeded from the compost we put in this bed. We are so excited to have a veggie garden again! It has been about 2 1/2 years since we last grew our own food!

Somehow a hens party got organised for me, after being very clear that I did not want one, and last week I had to make decisions about stuff (which is what I was trying to avoid). Anyways, I decided for an “activity” we should do a collaborative wall hanging. It’s this Saturday and I still have no idea where this is taking us. I’m thinking maybe applique and embroidering felt shapes together in a kind of felt medallion kind of style. This should mean those who don’t sew can keep it really simple, and those that do can go nuts on the embellishments.

It’s just over four weeks until the wedding. My to-do list looks like this :

  • Design and buy all the stuff for a “hens embroidery party”
  • Finish dress (finish beading, sew together, hem)
  • Put bouquet together (flowers are finished, just need to arrange and secure)
  • Paint a bunch of glass jars
  • Sew approx 20 covers for milk crates
  • Finish designing, then have made, then print, a screen print design for the favors bags. Then assemble bags.
  • Finish the LOVE sign (figure out supports and paint)
  • Make little tables (Cut circles of plywood and attach to cable reels)
  • Build a scarecrow…

And that’s just what I can remember…

Wish me luck! Still a few weeks to go…

Have a tops week!

3 thoughts on “Just Another Wednesday…

  1. Blame Guy for the hen’s party 😛

    Time to delegate stuff like the milk crate covers? We’ll talk on Saturday. And a painting sesh for the jars? Maybe even a production line for the favors bags?

    do you need tablecloths for the little tables? Or do you have that sorted already?

    1. I don’t think I’ll ever let him forget 😛
      I’m doing ok so far. Hoping to have the dress beaded by the weekend, and get mum to help at least with the bodice (cos i still haven’t figured out how to attach everything lol)
      Defiantly gonna need a jar painting sesh at some point. The favors bags won’t be too hard, just need to get the design done. We will fill them sometime during the week before 🙂
      I’ll have some kind of fabric to throw over the little tables.

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