Wishing Well

This was another collaborative project with Guy.

We were umming and ahhing about what to do for a wishing well for the upcoming wedding. I thought it might be cool to do something in a similar fashion to Guy’s BAR sign.

So we ran with the idea. Gathering more rustic fence palings from The Green Shed, and dipping into our paint stash.

Firstly we needed to cut the palings down to size, so we (tried to) cut them in half. We’re not great with measuring, so we didn’t get them exactly in half and ended up cutting a small piece of one side as well.

Guy cutting the fence palings to size on the table saw.

Once everything was cut to the right size, we painted them in the same rainbow pattern as the BAR sign and left them to dry.

Cate does some painting
Guy does some painting
A rainbow of colours!

We used a piece of off cut, left over from our poor measuring skills, to screw each plank into a box like shape, and a simple lid.

Guy screwing the box together

We left a gab in the middle of the lid so people can “post” their cards and well wishes.

Here you can see the gab in the middle of the lid that will be where people can “post” their cards and well wishes

I found a font I liked, wrote “Wishing Well” and printed it off. Then I used my awesome tracing skills to trace it on the side of the box. I have been using a ballpoint to trace over the design, this leaves an indent that I can go back over with a pencil. This method didn’t work for this, the wood was too hard. So I created my own carbon paper by couring in the paper on the back of the design, so when you use your ballpoint to trace over the design, it leaves a line, just how carbon paper does.

Tracing the words onto the side of the box

I painted in the writing with white paint.

Painting the words on

We plan on lining the box with fabric.

It’s very rustic and colourful! It is going to look amazing with the rest of our decorations!

The wishing well !

16 days to go!

Have a creative week <3

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