Sooo some time ago now (a couple of years), I crocheted a unicorn for myself…

The first of a unicorn making obsession 🙂

Then I made a little one for my niece, then she asked me to make her a bigger one… and then it snowballed… and now I’m here.

My niece and an army of unicorns. From left – The first unicorn I made, “Rainbow Rosie” made from hand spun yarns – the second one I made for her, a fabric unicorn made by my sister from a very crude pattern I drew her, and HayJay – the little unicorn I made her from hand spun yarns. (Yes she is spoilt!)

I’ve spent the last two days slowly refining my technique in making the unicorns. You see, I am terrible at reading patterns, which, in turn, means I have no idea how to write a crochet pattern. Every time I pick up my hook to make another one, I’m basically re-writing the pattern in my head. Which means every single unicorn is unique, and they take me forever to make whilst I work out what to do next.

Unicorn body parts littered my bed whilst I worked on technique of bringing unicorns to life!

I now have a more streamlined “pattern” in my head, which is giving me great results so far! I have been able to scale the size up and down by just using thicker/thinner yarn with bigger/smaller hooks!

I have been playing with different combinations of yarn, some with sparkles, some without! This is my favorite bit! And the reason why I have started four unicorns in two days and only finished one!

One finished, three started! different yarns give different effects! Love experimenting!

I have one order so far. And I’ll be trying to put some up for sale (see my Facebook page in the coming days/weeks)

And as my pattern gets more refined, I’ll have a go at writing it down so I can share it with you!

I’m going back to experiment with unicorns some more!

Have a creative week 🙂

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