The Half Granny Square Scarf

I’m on  a mad crochet spree at the moment. It keeps my hands busy whilst my mind wanders.

The half granny square scarf has become a staple – around my neck – and on my hook –  since my Mum showed me how to make it a few years back. I’m always wearing one in winter! And I’ve nearly finished a cotton one for those cool summer evenings!

Even though I’m terrible at reading and writing crochet patterns, I think this one is so simple, I can show you how it’s done! And lets face it, if you’ve ever crochet, you’ve probably tried your hand at granny squares, and this is just like that, except missing half the square!

I have written the following assuming you have a little bit of crochet knowledge. Choose a hook that suits your yarn.

You start off like any other granny square – Make a slip knot and then chain 3. Then make a slip stitch into the first chain to form a circle.

form a slip knot
Chain 3
Slip stitch into first chain to form a circle

Chain 3, then make 3 treble into the middle of the circle.

Chain 3
Then 3 treble into middle of circle

Chain 2, then another 3 treble.

Chain 2
Then 3 treble into centre of circle

Chain 1, then 1 treble.


Chain 3. Turn.

Chain 3

3 treble into first gap. Chain 1.

Treble into first gap
Chain 1

3 treble into next gap, 2 chain, 3 treble. (This is the point of the scarf. This is the only place you do 2 chain. Always do 2 chain at this point)

3 treble
chain 2
3 treble into the same gap.
chain 1, 3 treble into next gap

Then chain 1, 1 treble into same gap. (This will be how you turn at the end of every row)

chain 1, 1 treble into same gap.

Chain 3 and turn.

Chain 3 and turn.

From here it is pretty straight forward. 3 treble into each gap, with a chain in between. Making sure when you get to the point you do 2 chain so you can fit two sets of three treble. And when you get to the end of a row you add an extra set of treble.

Here’s a rough drawing of how the stitches should work out…

half granny square scarf simple structure

Like I mentioned before, I wear these scarves constantly throughout winter! I wear them with the point at the front (kinda like cowboy style), but have been known to wrap it around my shoulders depending on how cold I am!

This is me wearing the very first scarf I made (photo taken a couple of years back whilst I was trying to master the timer on the camera!)
This is the scarf I wore all winter of 2018. I made it from “Moda Vera Bouvardia” which is one of my favourite yarns to make these scarves from as it is warm, soft and comes in pretty multi colours!

These next two are for sale, so message me if you would like to own one!

Another one made from “Moda Vera Bouvadia” The colours are so stunning!
A cotton/acrylic one! Lovely for summer evenings!

Have a creative week <3

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