Secret Santas

Secret Santa’s revealed!

This year both Guy and myself were invited to join in a “Secret Santa” in our respective workplaces. I can not remember the last time I participated in one, so I had a little fun with it!

The rules were pretty much the same for both of us, except mine had an additional rule. We were both given a name. We both had a $20 limit. And they both were to be gifted this week. The additional rule for mine was that whatever we bought had to start with the recipients initial – either first or last name initials.

So Guys was easy, and he had an idea straight away. His recipient was obsessed with sausage dogs! And so he requested I make him a sausage dog.

For mine, I had to find something that started with “C”. Easy. Tooooooooooooo easy! Sooooo many ideas! I could have gone with something cute like a cat, or clever like a cactus, instead I went for something a little crazy – A Crochet Christmas Camel! It is a secret Santa after all! They are meant to be a little out of the ordinary! (I may have taken the “has to start with their intial” thing a little too far hahaha)

As for the $20 limit? The materials were way under that, and I’m not adding up the time it took me to make them :). That’s just one of the joys of being able to create stuff. Your time is the real gift! And I think that is one of the most precious gifts you can give!

Have a creative week

<3 Cate

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