Produce Bags

In an attempt to reduce our plastic usage, we have moved to using reusable produce bags for our fresh fruit and veg. I was given a handful of curtain sheer remnants, which were perfect for making these bags! I have a lot more curtain sheer fabric leftover from making curtains for the entire house, so I will be making many more of these to share around!


  • Scraps of sheer curtain fabric (or other light, meshy, fabric)
  • Cotton drawstring (or ribbon, something that can be used as a drawstring)
I cut rectangles of fabric approx 14 inches by 22 inches. This size can be varied depending on what size bag you like. The size of my fabric remnants determined the size of mine! But they turned out to be a great size!
Fold your rectangle of fabric in half and pin the edges.
Sew the edges together using a quarter inch seam allowance.
Trim the seam allowance about half way. We are going to sew the seam again to make sure its nice and strong and able to carry a bag full of apples!
Turn inside out and sew edges again, enclosing the first seam. This gives you an enclosed “french” seam for an extra strong finish.
I squared off my bottom corners. To do this, take the corner and flatten it out so there is fabric either side of the seam. Use a ruler and pencil to mark one and a half inches from the point.
Sew along the line.
Turn right side out. You can see how it gives it a nice boxy bottom.
Now to make a casing around the top of the bag. Fold over about half an inch, then again another inch. Pin.
Sew, leaving a gap at one edge to pull drawstring through.
For the drawstring, take the drawstring, tie a knot, then push a safety pin through the knot. Push this through the casing you just sewed around the top of the bag.
Knot the two ends together.
And now your all set to go shopping!

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