A Few Things…

Happy Wednesday!

A friend asked me to do some tutus and shirts for an upcoming event, so this week I have been madly knotting tulle and stressing over screen printing!

Guy and myself have decided that the collective term for “tutus” is “a cloud of tutus” this is quite fitting, wouldn’t you agree?

“a cloud of tutus”

As we speak, I have my whole living room set up as a print studio. I got out the fold up table so I could have everything spread out at once. For some one who doesn’t have a lot of experience screen printing, I went pretty bold, deciding on a two colour print! Only time will tell if I can pull this off!

My living room is a printing studio!

The weekend just gone saw the Old Bus Depot Markets hold their annual “wool expo”. This is a weekend I try not to miss! Its a good time to stock up on supplies, and find new people and shops to buy from.

Some wool to dye! From Glenora
Two new bobbins for my spinning wheel. From Glenora
I tried, but I could not resist! A pair of 30mm knitting needles! And I don’t even knit! From Yarn Hub
A lovely plait of purple to spin up! From the Coloured Wool and Fibre Company
I’m loving this mustard colour lately! And this plait is full of sparkle too! From Raxor Yarns

Guy and myself have also signed up for the Anytime Fitness Tread as One challenge.  We will be running for an hour at our local gym to support R U OK? on the 31st of May. It’s themed “Hollywood” so I suspect my next move is coming up with some kind of costume for it!

Mental health issues sure have hit pretty close to the heart in the last few years, and it’s important for people to know they can reach out. If you would like to donate you can follow this link 🙂

I have a busy day ahead of me! I must get these prints done and the tutus finished!

Have a creative week

<3 Cate

3 thoughts on “A Few Things…

  1. You’re a busy little bee! I think “cloud of tutus” is perfect!

    It was a good market, I stocked up on gorgeous hand-dyed alpaca, I got a lovely swift to help with winding my skeins into balls, and a couple of patterns (and then went shopping on ravelry because a pattern I wanted the store didn’t have but it was online… and I bought a whole booklet of shawls with that one in it! I’m also –><– this close to hitting buy on some Bendigo yarn cos it's delish and I fell in love with a poncho but couldn't justify the cost. So I also found the pattern on Ravelry, and the Bendigo Wool/alpaca/silk is a lot cheaper than the alpaca!

    My bank account hates me, but I also donated 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the donation! It is very appreciated! Sounds like your going to be a very busy bee too! Good thing its perfect weather for knitting!

      1. I am going to be a very busy bee! Have another beanie almost the same as Guy’s (I added a zig zag pattern!) nearly finished. I needed something that didn’t take too much brain to do in front of the TV.

        I did place the bendigo order, which shipped today! I can’t wait til it arrives! It’s awesome knitting weather, all I want to do is snuggle up under a blankie with my knitting and the dog if she doesn’t try to steal it 😛

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