A friend asked me to make some tutus for an upcoming event. The event is to be held the first official weekend of the snow season (alas, winter has come early, and there is already enough snow for some areas to open this weekend!)

So with 42m of tulle and some elastic I set about making a set of ten tutus.

tulle and elastic
LOTS of tulle and elastic

I cut strips 6inches wide of the tulle. I cut the elastic 4inches shorter than the waist measurements I was given, and then sewed the ends together.

cutting layers of tulle
Cutting layers of tulle

Then I simple knotted the tulle to the elastic.

knotting tulle
Knotting the tulle onto the elastic. I put them over the chair backs to help hold them in shape whilst I worked

That stuff is hard on the hands! It is quite abrasive!

To make them a little more winterish I added snow flakes. So I was planning on just buying bags of snowflake sequins. Do you think I could find snowflake sequins? Nope. None at all! So I ended up getting a snowflake punch and some shiny stuff and making my own!

making snowflakes
Making snowflakes

We road tripped to Jindabyne to deliver them. I’d never been before, and now I understand why a couple of my friends have moved there in the last few years. It is spectacularly pretty!

Road tripping! with a backseat full of tutus!!

I made some hair clips as well, finishing them in the car on the drive to deliver them. (In my defense, dropping them last weekend meant they were finished at least two weeks ahead of schedule!)

hair clips
Car crafting hair clips

I hope my handiwork is all good and they are enjoyed by many.

tutu sans snowflakes
The snowflakes add a needed element of sparkle!
hair clips
Hair clips!

Stay warm and creative!

<3 Cate

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