Tie Dye Practice

I wanted to get better at dyeing, so I figured the more I practice, the better I will become. Good in theory right!

I really wanted to do a good heart, so I tied several pieces with hearts in them. Some worked, some didn’t, but I think I understand the concept of tyeing a heart now. I also fell in love with the fish scales pattern, and my first attempt at that was pretty good! It has also been a lot of fun to play around with different colour ways.

tie dye patterns
All the different patterns I have been playing around with

I found two brand new, still in packaging, white, bath towels whilst we were cleaning out the garage over the weekend. So they immediately went in my “to dye” pile. I decided on a simple swirl. They took a LOT of dye. I guess absorbency is in their inherent nature.

bath towel

I dyed a long sleeve shirt as well. Testing out some ideas, I will be making some “team” shirts for races later this year. This one might become a gym shirt for the winter.

dye shirt
Dyed shirt

I even managed to dye some alpaca fleece I got for free.

alpaca fleece
Alpaca fleece still drying in the sun

My ultimate tie-dye goal is to dye pieces that I can then work back into with stitching or turn into whole cloth quilts. I have a couple of bigger pieces of fabric waiting, and after a lot of experimenting, I have a few ideas!

Have a creative week!

<3 Cate

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