New Bedroom Outfit!

Since, like, January, Guy has been madly working on a new bedroom suit for our room. He searched buy-swap-sell pages for something suitable. Eventually a gorgeous bedroom suit popped up and we grabbed it. Alas, the tallboy didn’t fit, so we sold it off and found another one that kinda looked like the rest of the furniture. With a little bit of help from me (realistically I only helped with the bed) he sanded everything right back and did a white wash kind of painting technique before varnishing everything.

bedroom suit
Guy sanded back bedroom furniture and repainted it. In this photo you can see the bed and bedside tables. He also redid a tall boy, and is searching for a bookshelf to do in the same way.

All his effort really looks amazing and has bought our room together to look like something out of a magazine! Whilst Guy is still searching for a bookshelf to redo, I decided the chair in the walk in robe needed to be redone too! (I’ve also decided to make a bunch of felted flowers for my bedside table, but I’ll leave that for another post)

Because the walk in robe closes off to the rest of the room, and is basically completely white cabinetry and clothes, we decided the chair didn’t necessarily have to “match” the room. The only stipulations we decided on is that it needed to be arm-less, to make it easy to put shoes on etc.

And because I am completely in love with the idea of patchwork upholstered furniture, I went looking for a very specific type of chair, with fabric cushion and fabric back!

A very quick trip to the Green Shed (our local tip shop) and I had already fallen in love with a chair. It has carved flower features and fabric upholstery in all the right places!

Green Shed find! Exactly the chair I was looking for!

I got to work removing staples and all the old fabric. I still have a few more staples to remove, but my hands are a bit sore from coaxing staples out, so I’m concentrating on the patchwork element at the moment. Then I will need to evaluate the foam and consider how to replace it.

staple removing
Removing alllllllll the staples! phew! That’s a hard task!

The fabric I am using is up-cycled from clothes I found at the op-shop! I had initially chosen the fabrics to make a quilt, but thought this would be a perfect place to showcase them! And the leftovers will be used to make a quilt anyways.

Making hexagons to piece together to upholster the chair! Fabrics are from a skirt, a dress and a pair of pants, which I had collected from op-shops

I will be spending the rest of my week alternating between fixing up the chair, and piecing together the fabric to re-cover it with! I love continuing/adding to the story of pre-loved items!

hexagon prep
Sewing hexagons!

Happy Creating
<3 Cate

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