Some Guinea Pig Dwelling Upgrades…

Nestled in one corner of my studio, is a home to three little guinea pigs. Lindor, Iba and Ebony take up residency in the nicest, sunniest (in winter) spot in the house!

guinea pig house
The new guinea pig house before being moved into place. It has been built on two sets of 1×3 cubes

With recent changes to the arrangement of the studio (I will do a new studio post soon) We found the current guinea pig dwelling didn’t quite fit the needs of the space.

guinea pig house

With much consideration of the space and its dynamics, Guy came up with the idea of building a raised enclosure, so we can store some stuff underneath.

top view of guinea pig cage
I made a new mat for them. It has polar fleece on the top and toweling underneath. I have attached the towel to the polar fleece in hopes it will make it easier to change over. They have only been in there one day and you can see they’ve already made a mess haha!

It is a tiny bit smaller than their older one, but looks very deceiving, as it is much wider, fitting neatly into the space next to my cupboard, but much shorter, giving me more sunny floor space. (I love a good sunny spot to sit in in the middle of winter, I have spent all afternoon sprawled out on the floor, napping next to the guinea pigs!)

lindors nose
Lindors nose peeks out of the soft house. She has moved it over the seed bowl for lazy access lol

And so, we spent the last two weekends building them this new enclosure. We are really happy with the results! The framed mesh came together really nicely!

Ebony hanging out in the straw

We will need to make a few more things for them to hide in, but they seem pretty content! They love to move their soft house over the seed bowl!

Iba naps in the sun

It’s made guinea pig watching super easy, now when you sit on the floor your at eye height with them.

We’re off to Sydney this weekend for City to Surf. Hopefully I can make it 14kms. I haven’t been able to train beyond 7km, so this should be interesting!

Have a creative week <3 Cate

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