A Glimpse Into My Studio

There’s been so much happening lately that the studio slowly became an unworkable space and I ended up spreading out across the living area too.

Studio before its tidy up.

It was time.

Time for a big tidy up!

And a perfect opportunity to walk you through the space I call a studio!

We moved into our house just over two years ago now. The space which became my studio is a room approx 5m x 4m right at the front of the house. For normal people, this would be considered a second living area, but for me, it is filled with wondrous art and craft supplies!

We built a few pieces from Ikea bases and Bunnings kitchen bench tops. This allowed us to customize the desk and table for the size of the room.

I have an office area with all the officey stuff.

My desk was made from Ikea desk supports and a Bunnings wooden kitchen bench top. We made a shelf for the monitor using cutoffs of the same wood.

A giant table which my sewing machine sits on, as well as a cutting board.

My centre table is made from two sets of Ikea 2×4 cubes, on wheels, with Bunnings wooden kitchen bench tops.
The centre table is the crafting table. This is where the cutting board and sewing machine is set up. I currently have a painting project set up on one corner too. It’s great, I can have multiple things on the go at once, or one big project.

Squeezed into another corner is a multipurpose table. This has been a desk area for Guy, a drawing area, its had the sewing machine set up on it. At the moment it’s a bit of a wool projects area. I have been felting there (before I drifted out into the living room), my blending board is set up on it, and my spinning wheel is close by.

This area is a little bit multipurpose. Currently it is set up as the wool projects area.

And of course, we can’t forget about the Guinea Pigs! Lindor, Iba and Ebonys house runs a fair distance across the room, in front of my beautiful glass doors. They have the best spot in the room! (not even exaggerating, before we got them, this is where I liked to sit!) They are spoilt little pigs! They don’t really NEED this much space, but it allows them to be active. It lots of fun having them in the room I spend most of my time in! I get to listen to their little noises, take a few moments to watch their crazy antics and just keep their company 🙂

The Guinea Pig Castle and all its land sits in the best spot in the house!
Lindor Enjoying her spot in/not so in the sun
Iba hides from me and my scary camera, but still wants to know whats going on!
Ebony pulling off the cover on the ramp into their caged area. They love to hide under the ramp!

This is by no means “finished”. Next year I will hopefully get some giant cupboards with sliding doors to go along the wall. At the moment this has a cube set, draw/cupboard set and a big white cupboard. I’m hoping something with sliding doors will allow the space to work a bit better. I also have a quilting frame that I may need to squeeze in somewhere (no idea how)!

My wall of storage. Hopefully this will get a new look in the coming years, something with sliding doors!

Another thing on my “studio to do list” is make window coverings for the three windows across the front. At the moment they have sheers and then pieces of curtain backing fabric pinned into the frames. I want to make roman blinds for each window, but I also want to sew/applique/embellish them, so each blind is a piece of artwork in their own right.

Just looking back over the photos now, it still doesn’t look all that clean after tidying up! But it feels clean! So that’s all that matters, as I move forward with other projects!

Have a creative week!