Baby Quilt!

farm fresh baby quilt

I have been on maternity leave for a week already! You would think this post would be about me making things for my bub, but you’d be wrong!

A while ago I posted about this quilt I made. Well that bub’s little sibling arrived in December! So I thought it about time I got another quilt made!

The quilt I made for our friends first bub

Sticking with the same theme, I chose another panel by Gingiber for Moda, “Farm Fresh” in black and white. I added the same bright fabrics for the sashings and binding as I did for the first.

farm fresh baby quilt
Baby quilt for bub number two. This time with farm animals

I used the same thread to give it that hand stitched detailing. But this time I added a little machine quilting as well!

snuggly back

I backed it with a snuggly flannelette!

I also managed to finish a little wall hanging that has been sitting in the UFO (unfinished objects) pile for quite some time!

scrap quilt
Scrappy pinwheels

This quilt started life as a bag of scraps some of my mums quilty friends sent my way. I stitched the triangles into pinwheels almost immediately, then mum gave me the blue to alternate with them. I loved how the orange gave it a bit of a pop! It was such an easy quilt I wonder why I left it so long to finish!

Phew! Thats week one down! I have three more weeks until BB’s due date. I still have to make curtains for his bedroom, and I just started designing him a quilt too! Wonder how much I’ll actually get done in between all the naps I’m taking!

Have a creative week!
<3 Cate

Bright Stars

I’ve been making baby quilts for two arrivals expected any day now.

I’ve just finished my second one. Take a look at the first one here.

For this one, I wanted it to vaguely match one I made for their sibling a few years back. It was rows of hearts in brightly coloured fabrics.

Because I had a bunch of fabrics left over from this one (and a whole bunch more that would fit in perfectly) I decided to use the same/similar fabrics for it. But to make it different, I decided stars might be a nice addition to the hearts.

After a lot of umming and ahhhing I settled on a paper foundation pieced star. The pattern is a free one by Threadbare Creations and can be found here. I changed it a little. Because I didn’t want two tone stars, I did the star bits in one piece instead of two.

After making one star, my initial reaction was “hell no! I’m not making a whole quilt from those!” It was my first time trying paper foundation piecing. And it was a lot more fiddly than anything I’d tried before. But I love a challenge. And I’m a sucker for punishment. I took it as an opportunity to explore this technique further.

I made a lot of mistakes, there is a whole bunch of areas I have “fixed” by adding more fabric when the piece I was using didn’t quite fit.

I had my heart set on making nine stars. Then just keep adding borders until it was big enough. It wasn’t until my mum came and told me that I should make 12, that I relented and made more.

I machine quilted this one. Around the sashing and around the stars. And that green fabric I have used in the sashing and the binding, its one of my favourites. This is the third quilt I have used that fabric in!

And all completed! I put a lovely rainbow fish flannel on the back for the warmest snuggles!


I’m so excited to meet the recipients of these quilts for the first time!