Happy Craft Month!

March is Craft Month. A quick google search leads me to believe this has been a thing since 1994 created by the “Craft and Hobby Association”. Where ever it comes from its a great excuse to celebrate all things arts, craft and creative!

There’s nothing better than focusing some time on your own craft and creating skills, as well as encouraging others to get creative!

For 38 weeks going on 39 weeks pregnant, I sure do have way too many projects to get through this March!

I’ve done a little bit of dyeing in the last couple of days. These skeins of cotton yarn turned out quite nice! A lady down the road gave me a bag of cotton yarn that I am slowly dyeing my way through! Any suggestions on what to make?

I’m still procrastinating on making curtains for BB’s room. I have the main fabric cut to length, but I still need to cut the lining fabric to length! It’s getting extremely hard to be working on projects this size!

Then there are these “Age Blocks” I decided to transform! I’ve started by etching out the numbers a bit more than how they came, then I’ll sand the whole block back and paint them in bright colours!

There’s other things I would *like* to get done, but I’m not even sure I’ll get through these right now! And I’m not going to pressure myself either! I’m enjoying having daily naps!

So! Tell me all about your plans and works in progress, recent upcycles, makes or new found creative adventures! They don’t have to be plans limited to March! Every month is a creative one for me!