I know my blog posts have been few and far between this year, but I have still been creating behind the scenes! I just haven’t managed to sit down and write all about it. But I’m slowly catching up now!

We have also been looking at ways to make the website a bit better, and learning new skills in that space! So hopefully in the coming months you will start to notice some changes, for the better!

In a previous post, I revealed some woolen cloaks I had made as gifts for family members. They were up-cycled from a big box of woolen fabric which I was gifted. Well, that was not the last of that fabric! I then went on to make two children’s vests. I still have more to use as well…

The Vests

After working with the Twig & Tale Traveler Cape pattern, I decided to check out some more stuff from them. Their patterns are well written and easy to put together!

For these vests I used the Children’s Pathfinder Vest pattern. I actually bought the whole bundle, so I can make me one sometime in the future! Goodness knows, I still have a lot of fabric to work through!

A Little Bunny Vest

Vest number one was for BB for Easter. A blue bunny was in order! Luckily enough, there was a piece of blue wool fabric JUST the right size to make a size one! It wouldn’t have been bigger than 50cm by 90cm. For some reason I was surprised at how little fabric is needed when sewing for children!

Using the animal add on, bunny ears were quickly added to a round hood, and I didn’t forget a cute, fluffy tail to complete the look!

bunny vest
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A Little Red Riding Hood Vest

Vest number two is for my niece for her birthday. It’s getting to her soooo late though!

Using the leftover red pieces from making the capes, I pieced together enough to make a size 7 Pathfinder vest with a drop back and round hood.

I was too lazy to go to the shops to get something to line it with, so I went looking through the stash. I found this lovely cotton poplin with the cutest animals on it that I thought would look super awesome, but I wasn’t sure it would be warm enough, so in true Cate spirit, I made the whole process harder on myself and decided to quilt the lining. I’m glad I did, It turned out so nice!

red vest
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What’s Next?

I still have a lot of wool fabric left. For the time being, I’ve got it low enough that I have space to store it. I have some ideas for making myself something. Most likely a Pathfinder vest with some applique and/or embroidery. There’s also the potential for some kind of jacket. But right now, I need to start thinking about Christmas (Yep, Christmas is sneaking up on us FAST!)

What is on your Christmas make list?

No doubt I’ll be making some bags, I got a pattern to make BB some shorts and I am hoping to get enough time and wood to put together a mud kitchen!

Stay Creative!
<3 Cate

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