A Wedding Arch

I get married in three sleeps.

I feel as though “normal” people would be chilling right about now.

But I’m still painting and building things!

On the weekend, Guy and myself built an arch. It’s insane. It stands over 2.4m high!

Guy did most of the hard work for the arch, I just helped and held things
Guy drilling a support beam for the arch
Guy attaching the feet to the arch
The arch is bolted together at the top, so we can actually move it!


It’s huge!
We stained the arch a lovely walnut colour
We will decorate it with paper pinwheels, paper flowers and either streamers or fabric on the day.

The love sign is coming together too! I am going to try and finish painting it today. We have spotlights to light it up at night as well.

LOVE sign painting has started!

I still have lots of other little things to work on as well!

The next time I share with you, i’ll be a Mrs 🙂

Have fun, stay creative <3

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