Clearing Out The Cupboards!

My studio is currently stocked to the gills with garments and fabric for upcycling, and that’s before you open the door to the garage!

Over the last few weeks, Guy and his two youngest brothers have had massive clean outs of their cupboards, for various reasons.

Hooray for me! I have had the opportunity to sort through most of it and collect everything I could use!

I’ve got a pile of bleach stained jeans. These are screaming ‘bomber jacket’ to me! I’m thinking they could benefit from some areas worked back into with bleach in a more controlled way, maybe a vine motif or a mandala could look good.

a pile of bleached black jeans to inspire!

A stack of men’s work shirts will become children’s paint smocks. Right this second I’m umming and arring if I should cut off the wrists bands and collar and add some elastic or not. It would make them a lot more child friendly. Hmm

a bunch of men’s shirts will be turned into paint smocks

Some t-shirts will become yarn. And these t-shirts will be used to make my paintball t-shirts quilt a little bit bigger.

More paintball t-shirts will allow me to enlarge a quilt I made previously with the rest of our paintball shirts

I’ve also been collecting highly textured fabrics from the op shops. I’m thinking a hexagon quilt with big hexagons!

highly textured fabrics will become a new hexagon quilt!

It is becoming more important for us to be considering our textile use footprint. Up-cycling these items are my small way to reduce textile waste.

Stay tuned to see what I come up with in the following weeks!

Have a creative week
<3 Cate

One thought on “Clearing Out The Cupboards!

  1. You’ve been busy! I love the idea of big decadent hexies! And you’re retiring some cate’s pics/getto gear tees 😮

    I have a pile of jeans cut up, or waiting to be cut up, to make a quilt to throw over the couch. I really need to get onto that. Love the idea of some bleachwork to embellish.

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