The LOVE sign was my favorite piece I made for our wedding. (and I made a LOT of stuff!) I’ve shown you bits and pieces of it over the last few months, but I think it deserves its very own post πŸ™‚

It stands approximately 1.2m high, and spans ~4m depending on how much you space it out.

I started by finding, downloading and installing a font that I liked. I went for a circus style font, which gave me a lot to work with. I used Adobe Illustrator to lay out my letters, as this allows me to set the size and tile it ready for printing.

Then I scoped out Bunnings (yep, most of our paychecks go to them!) for suitable wood to make it from. I found a large piece of ply wood approx 1.2m by 2.5m by 12mm and bought that. I used the dimensions of the wood to determine the size of the letters. I quickly realized that I wanted my sign to be bigger than one piece of ply would allow, so I got a second piece and scaled my letters even bigger. I was able to cut two letters from each piece, with small amounts left over which Guy used for other projects.

Once I had my letters the size I wanted, I headed to office works and printed them off on A3 paper. Once back at home, I taped all the pieces together, then cut out each letter. This became my template to trace onto the wood.

I printed the letters at Officeworks on A3 paper and then taped them together to make a template.
Tracing the letters onto the wood

I got a new jigsaw just so I could cut these out! Hadn’t used one in years, and I learnt a few things along the way… like be careful of whats underneath… you don’t really want to cut into the table!

Using the jigsaw to cut the letters out

Once I had all the pieces cut, I put on Netflix and plonked myself down on the lounge with some sand paper and went to town on the edges until they were nice and smooth. Probably not the best idea if you like your couch, but ours is horrid and desperately needs replacing, so whats a little saw dust to add to the mix of unknown grossness.

Sanding the letters in the lounge room!

They went into the garage for a few months after that. We pulled them out again a few weeks before the wedding to finish off.

Guy added H frames to the back. He added holes so we could peg them down (luckily as the day was terribly windy and they would have blown over otherwise)

H frame on the back makes it stand

When painting them, I started with a base coat of white (thank you leftover house paint!)

White under coat

I printed off small copies of the letters and tested colour combinations. Armed with a plan, I set about painting the letters in pretty colours! All the paints we had left over from other projects. The white was what the builders left after the house was painted, the lime green is the colour of Guys study and the other colours we bought when we refurbished chairs for the alfesco. I finished painting the letters two days before the wedding!

Testing colour combinations for the letters before painting the real thing.
Painting the letters

It looked amazing on the day. And lots of people took photos standing with it. A certain cheeky monkey loved to sneak into the photos as well!

It looked amazing on the day! Even (especially?) with a cheeky monkey hiding in there πŸ™‚

Unfortunately me and Guy never got a photo with it πŸ™ The closets I have is these photos before it was finished, and a selfie I took the day after.

Guy with the sign before I had painted most of it
We were just seeing the size. It was exactly what I had imagined!
I made a “Selfie game” for people to play throughout the day. I completed mine the day after. This was me with “lots of LOVE”

We put it up for sale, as we did with a lot of the wedding stuff, but no takers yet. We were told by one of our friends that under no circumstances are we to sell it. So I guess it goes into the garage for the time being. Could be cool to have a family photo with when (if) we ever have children.

Have a creative week!

<3 Cate

The Half Granny Square Scarf

I’m onΒ  a mad crochet spree at the moment. It keeps my hands busy whilst my mind wanders.

The half granny square scarf has become a staple – around my neck – and on my hook –Β  since my Mum showed me how to make it a few years back. I’m always wearing one in winter! And I’ve nearly finished a cotton one for those cool summer evenings!

Even though I’m terrible at reading and writing crochet patterns, I think this one is so simple, I can show you how it’s done! And lets face it, if you’ve ever crochet, you’ve probably tried your hand at granny squares, and this is just like that, except missing half the square!

I have written the following assuming you have a little bit of crochet knowledge. Choose a hook that suits your yarn.

You start off like any other granny square – Make a slip knot and then chain 3. Then make a slip stitch into the first chain to form a circle.

form a slip knot
Chain 3
Slip stitch into first chain to form a circle

Chain 3, then make 3 treble into the middle of the circle.

Chain 3
Then 3 treble into middle of circle

Chain 2, then another 3 treble.

Chain 2
Then 3 treble into centre of circle

Chain 1, then 1 treble.


Chain 3. Turn.

Chain 3

3 treble into first gap. Chain 1.

Treble into first gap
Chain 1

3 treble into next gap, 2 chain, 3 treble. (This is the point of the scarf. This is the only place you do 2 chain. Always do 2 chain at this point)

3 treble
chain 2
3 treble into the same gap.
chain 1, 3 treble into next gap

Then chain 1, 1 treble into same gap. (This will be how you turn at the end of every row)

chain 1, 1 treble into same gap.

Chain 3 and turn.

Chain 3 and turn.

From here it is pretty straight forward. 3 treble into each gap, with a chain in between. Making sure when you get to the point you do 2 chain so you can fit two sets of three treble. And when you get to the end of a row you add an extra set of treble.

Here’s a rough drawing of how the stitches should work out…

half granny square scarf simple structure

Like I mentioned before, I wear these scarves constantly throughout winter! I wear them with the point at the front (kinda like cowboy style), but have been known to wrap it around my shoulders depending on how cold I am!

This is me wearing the very first scarf I made (photo taken a couple of years back whilst I was trying to master the timer on the camera!)
This is the scarf I wore all winter of 2018. I made it from “Moda Vera Bouvardia” which is one of my favourite yarns to make these scarves from as it is warm, soft and comes in pretty multi colours!

These next two are for sale, so message me if you would like to own one!

Another one made from “Moda Vera Bouvadia” The colours are so stunning!
A cotton/acrylic one! Lovely for summer evenings!

Have a creative week <3


Sooo some time ago now (a couple of years), I crocheted a unicorn for myself…

The first of a unicorn making obsession πŸ™‚

Then I made a little one for my niece, then she asked me to make her a bigger one… and then it snowballed… and now I’m here.

My niece and an army of unicorns. From left – The first unicorn I made, “Rainbow Rosie” made from hand spun yarns – the second one I made for her, a fabric unicorn made by my sister from a very crude pattern I drew her, and HayJay – the little unicorn I made her from hand spun yarns. (Yes she is spoilt!)

I’ve spent the last two days slowly refining my technique in making the unicorns. You see, I am terrible at reading patterns, which, in turn, means I have no idea how to write a crochet pattern. Every time I pick up my hook to make another one, I’m basically re-writing the pattern in my head. Which means every single unicorn is unique, and they take me forever to make whilst I work out what to do next.

Unicorn body parts littered my bed whilst I worked on technique of bringing unicorns to life!

I now have a more streamlined “pattern” in my head, which is giving me great results so far! I have been able to scale the size up and down by just using thicker/thinner yarn with bigger/smaller hooks!

I have been playing with different combinations of yarn, some with sparkles, some without! This is my favorite bit! And the reason why I have started four unicorns in two days and only finished one!

One finished, three started! different yarns give different effects! Love experimenting!

I have one order so far. And I’ll be trying to put some up for sale (see my Facebook page in the coming days/weeks)

And as my pattern gets more refined, I’ll have a go at writing it down so I can share it with you!

I’m going back to experiment with unicorns some more!

Have a creative week πŸ™‚


I got married on Saturday…

I was in front of the camera most of the time….

And the professional photos are still to come…

So i’ll leave you with these, taken by friends and family…

Photo by Sue-Ellen. Finally make it down the aisle! The wind wreaked havoc with all decorating plans, luckily we bought 5m of each colour of party satin the day before, and this was draped and tied to the arch.
Just married! I hired a beetle, (thanks Erina!) for the day, and drove around town for some photos. Twas lots of fun!
Photo by Regina. Our cake was seriously amazing! Sugar flowers on top with a water colour effect on the bottom layer of icing! Cake by Lavender and Lace.
Photo by Regina. Our first dance was awesome. We did many lessons with Lachlan at Danzon. It was mostly swing, with a little bit of waltz in the middle. We danced to Fallout boy “Hum hallelujah” My dress spun out and revealed my rainbow petticoat every time we turned!
And just like that, it was over.