Christmas 2020

I always try and make a few of my gifts for Christmas. I’ll admit, 2020 was a little on the light side for handmade, but between the whole family, there were still plenty of hand made gifts to go around!

To start, I HAD to make BB a Christmas stocking! It’s a tradition for the children to have a stocking which gets filled with small gifts and treats that they can open before the adults wake up!


I made BB a ball using this tutorial from Kid Giddy. I don’t have an AccuQuilt, instead I just used a 3inch triangle template to mark out my triangles. I love making these balls! I get to use all my scraps of bright fabrics!

star ball

I made my niece a “Colour & Sew” doll kit, I’m really looking forward to seeing the results! (I’ll write a post of it’s own with a little more detail)

colour and sew kit

My lovely sister Jodie knitted BB this gorgeous fox lovey! The pattern is by Carol Hebling and can be found here on Ravelry.

fox lovey

Sticking with the fox theme, my sister Sophie made BB this toy fox! He’d claimed the fox as his own before it was even given to him! The pattern is out of Homespun Magazine, June 2012 “Foxy and Waddles”.

Mr Fox

And how awesome are these “2020 Survival Kits” my beautiful sister in law put together for us! Just what we needed after the year that was 2020! She wrote the all too true poem to go with it!

2020 recovery kit
2020 recovery kit contents

Guy also enjoys making survival kits. Many years ago, he started making “Zombie Survival Kits” for friends and family. Every year, or when he feels like it, he makes another kit that adds to the original. This year he found a pouch which the original tins fit into, a neat pen and some other stuff. I got roped into putting the info sheet together for it!

zombie kit

My Nanna turned 97 years young in November! And she is still making us lovely gifts! She made us all pillows! We are loving their extra squishyness during playtime!

nannas pillows

We made a team effort to make some keepsakes for the Grandparents as well! These little “LOVE” hand and feet prints took all three of us to make! BB with his prints, Guy to hold him and me to spread the paint around!

Love BB

We had a lovely family gathering on Christmas day. Everyone was excited to spend BB’s first Christmas together! He had a ball! And everyone went home happy and full.

Edgars Christmas

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas however you spent it! I know it was a tough year for it, we even hosted family we don’t usually get to see because of lockdowns in some parts of the country.

Now that we’re into 2021, I think I should probably start making some goals! The first one will be to write some more! So here’s to getting more than two blogs out there for you to read this year!

Stay creative
<3 Cate

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